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Drying process optimizations: monitor moisture and density with microwave resonance after the dryer to adjust the temperature of time, and save energy. We presented you a few solutions from different industries: wood, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, using microwave resonance technology to save energy, and ended the session with Q&A.

Inline moisture and weight per area measurement solutions powered by microwave resonance, to improve your production quality while saving energy, material and time! During this webinar, we present our inline solutions to get a profile of each board at the end of the drying process in order to detect wet spots and adjust the dryer´s airflow.

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Throughout our history in the Tobacco market, TEWS has fostered partnerships instead of clients, where we work together long into the future. To ensure the highest quality products and the highest level of care, Co-Improving is our idea of ​​Consulting & Digitization.

No more slitting, breaking, gathering tobacco from cigarettes, and waiting for results. Have you ever wished to quickly check your cigarettes' moisture in the lab? We have solved these issues already for our partners. Your cigarettes' moisture level can now be seen in seconds. TEWS technology eliminates sample preparation, making it faster and more effective.

The Second Part: Exploring Density Profile and Loose Ends in Cigarettes: Are you tired of the time-consuming process of manually checking your cigarettes in the lab? We have a solution. Get a supplier that provides service, maintenance and follow-up when you need it. With our technology, you can simplify the lab process and save valuable time and money. 

No more cutting the cigarette to see if the capsule is in the right place. Break free from the limitations of sight and let TEWS microwave technology lead the way, revealing the concealed capsule in a cigarette with precision and expertise. Following our first two webinars on Moisture Measurement, Density Profile and Loose End, we're delighted to bring you another session to explore the specifics of capsule detection.

Join us for the fourth webinar in our One Step Ahead in Lab series, where we'll discuss the Filter segments in cigarettes. Following the first three webinars on moisture, density profile, loose end, and capsule detection, we're thrilled to bring you another informative session with our expert speakers who will delve into the intricacies of Filter segment.